Fortune Life administers Flu Vaccination for Employees and their dependents

In coordination with Medical Benefit Clearinghouse, Inc. (MBCI), Fortune Life through its Human Resource and Management Department, administered an Annual Flu Vaccination for the employees and their dependents last June 11, 2021 at Fortune Life Makati and Pasig Offices. A total of 61 employees availed the flu vaccine’s discounted rate which was offered only to members of the ALC Group of Companies.

As part of the workplace health and well-being program of Fortune Life, this company initiative aims to help strengthen the immune system of the employees and their family members as preventive measure against COVID-19, aside from health and safety protocols being implemented in the office premises.

Fortune Life employees observe physical distancing while waiting for their turn to get their flu vaccination. MBCI Nurse administers flu vaccination to one of Fortune Life employees.