The celebration featured the traditional good old days that made everyone reminisce their childhood and throwbacks. The Head Office Second Floor employees hosted the event. Of course, there were the sumptuous buffet dinner and drinks, the partying, the raffling of prizes and tokens. But it was made more memorable as it showcased the talents and creativity of the employees, grouped among the Head Office floors and Pasig Office, who competed in Institutional Ad Making, Festival Costume Making, and Cultural Dance Contest. All were wowed by each group's presentation that even the President doubled all the contest prizes – much to everyone's delight.

Fortune Life's officers and staff enjoy themselves in their Anniversary and Christmas celebration with President Arnold Cabangon and ALC Group Chairman Edgard Cabangon. Festival Custom Making Top Winner</br>The Home Office 2nd Floor won the top award for Festival Custom Making here </br>modeled by Marry Ann King (center) and Aljon Olela (right) with EVP GM Evelyn Carada. Mr. & Ms. Photogenic and Stars of the Night</br>Mr. and Ms. Photogenic Keivenlly Joson and Dawn Danielle Totentino (second and third from left) and Stars of the Night Vanrique Peque and Caryl de Ocampo (fourth and fifth from left) with Franchising Manager Ma. Rosvelyn Orozco (leftmost) and Information Technology AVP Alexander Maniago of host group. Father's Love - Institutional Ad Making (for YouTube) Top Winner The Home Office 2nd Floor won the top award for Institutional Ad Making. The ad also won the Best Cinematography and Best Director for John Dhenner Camatog (fifth from right) and Best Screenplay for Mark John Aguilar (fourth from right) with actors Romeo Centina (fourth from left) and Gellaine Ranjo (third from right) and narrator May Ann Pimentel (second from right). President Arnold Cabangon (rightmost) gave the awards with Ma. Rosvelyn Orozco, HR & Admin AVP Carisa de Mesa, EVP GM Evelyn Carada and Special Assistant to the President Cecille Cabangon (leftmost to right). The Pasig Office group led by Group Sale FVP Virgilio Aquino (eleventh from the left) won the top award for Cultural Dance.