In recognition of its outstanding sales managers and agents, Fortune Life held its 34th Annual Awards on March 13, 2019 at the Citystate Tower Hotel, Manila. The event was graced by Insurance Commissioner Atty. Dennis B. Funa as guest of honor and speaker.

Among the top awardees were Elimar R. Depamaylo of Zamboanga branch as the Insurance Specialist of the Year or top of the Chairman’s Board; Ines H. Jabines of Jabines branch - Pasig office as Field Manager of the Year and Patricia L. Taguines of Tarlac branch as Agency Manager of the Year.

In 2nd place under the Insurance Specialist Category, Chairman’s Board is Ulysses L. Elmundo of Dasmariñas branch. Meanwhile, the President’s Club Awardees were Ritchie L. Garay of General Santos branch, Isoldi A. Aga-ab of Jabines branch – Pasig office, Cynthia L. Lapastora of Calamba branch, Robert T. Sildo of Cubao branch, Nenita J. Besas of Tagbilaran branch, Angela P. Guillermo of Isabela branch and Lucina P. Lapastora of Calamba branch.

Moreover, qualifiers under the Agency Manager category were Emily C. Taguines of Dagupan branch (2nd place), Sharlene L. Gaga-a of Tagbilaran branch (3rd place), and Jaime D. Bermudo of Tarlac branch (4th place). While in the Field Manager Category were Victor A. Taguines of Tarlac branch (2nd place), Elimar R. Depamaylo (3rd place) , Francisco A. Taguines of Dagupan branch (4th place), Renato M. Villanueva of La Union branch (5th place), Tranquilino T. Daigdigan of Daigdigan branch – Pasig office (6th place) and Sonny G. Guillermo of Isabela branch (7th place).

Special awards were also given to the distinguished sales agents starting with the Founder’s Circle Awardees namely Jaime D. Bermudo, Emily C. Taguines, Patricia L. Taguines, Tranquilino T. Daigidigan, Elimar R. Depamaylo, Sonny G. Guillermo, Francisco A. Taguines, Victor A. Taguines and Renato M. Villanueva. Meanwhile, Cynthia L. Lapastora was recognized as the Jumbo Specialist of the Year followed by Elimar R. Depamaylo in 2nd place. The Quality Business Award was given to Angela P. Guillermo while the Personal Accident Insurance Specialist of the Year Award was bestowed to Regina B. Adora of RL & Associates – Pasig office. Mary Lou A. Daigdigan of Daigdigan branch – Pasig office was named as the Group Insurance Specialist of the Year followed by Pearly Ann L. Allarey of Lucena branch in 2nd place while, Ines H. Jabines won the Agency Builder of the Year Award.

Aside from the cash prizes and plaque, all the awardees were sent to an incentive trip to Taipei, Taiwan for four days and three nights wherein they got to visit the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Shangri-La Leisure Farm, Fisherman’s Wharf, National Palace Museum as well as enjoyed the activities such as releasing of Sky Lantern and exploring the local products in Ximending District and Shilin Night Market. Fortune Life truly values the hard work of its salesforce and rewards their efforts through its annual awards. With these, the company hopes to increase its manpower in order to hone more skilled and determined agents in the coming years.

Fortune Life Annual Awards incentive trip for outstanding Managers and Agents<br>Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan (March 14-17, 2019) Insurance Commissioner Atty. Dennis B. Funa (center) receives a framed cover of Philippines Graphic issue featuring him as a token of appreciation from Fortune Life President D. Arnold A. Cabangon (2nd from left); EVP – GM Evelyn T. Carada (right); SVP/AGM and OIC  for Marketing and Sales Division Emma M. Abad (left); and ALC Group of Companies Chairman D. Edgard A. Cabangon (2nd from right). Elimar R. Depamaylo (2nd from right)<br>Insurance Specialist of the Year Patricia L. Taguines (2nd from right)<br>Agency Manager of the Year Ines H. Jabines (2nd from right)<br>Agency Manager of the Year Ulysses L. Elmundo<br>2nd Place, Chairman’s Board Ritchie L. Garay<br>President’s Club Isoldi A. Aga-ab<br>President’s Club Cynthia L. Lapastora<br>President’s Club Robert T. Sildo<br>President’s Club Nenita J. Besas<br>President’s Club Angela P. Guillermo<br>President’s Club Lucina P. Lapastora<br>President’s Club Emily C. Taguines<br>2nd place, Agency Manager Category Sharlene L. Gaga-a<br>3rd place, Agency Manager Category Jaime D. Bermudo<br>4th place, Agency Manager Category Victor A. Taguines<br>2nd place, Field Manager Category Elimar R. Depamaylo<br>3rd place Field Manager Category Francisco A. Taguines<br>4th place, Field Manager Category Renato M. Villanueva<br>5th place, Field Manager Category Tranquilino T. Daigdigan<br>6th place, Field Manager Category Sonny G. Guillermo<br>7th place, Field Manager Category Jaime D. Bermudo<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Emily C. Taguines<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Patricia L. Taguines<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Tranquilino T. Daigdigan<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Elimar R. Depamaylo<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Francisco A. Taguines<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Victor A. Taguines<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Renato M. Villanueva<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Sonny G. Guillermo<br>Founder’s Circle Awardee Cynthia L. Lapastora<br>Jumbo Specialist of the Year Elimar R. Depamaylo <br>2nd Place, Jumbo Specialist Category Angela P. Guillermo<br>Quality Business Awardee Ines H. Jabines<br>Agency Builder of the Year Regina B. Adora<br>Personal Accident (PA) Insurance Specialist of the Year Mary Lou A. Daigdigan<br>Group Insurance Specialist of the Year Pearly Ann L. Allarey<br>2nd place, Group Insurance Specialist Category